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This wiki contains information pertaining to the older WISP 4.1 platform. See the new WISP 5 wiki at wisp5.wikispaces.com

The NFC-WISP project has now been open sourced!! See the new nfc-wisp wiki to learn more!

Thanks to JaeMin Shin and everyone in the Computer Network Lab at South Korea's Sungkyunkwan University for their contribution of a version of the WISP code that can operate with the Asian version of Impinj Speedway R420 readers, the R420-GX2!! Find the new WISP5 firmware repository branch here.

This project is supported in part by NSF Grant CNS-1305072, entitled "CI-ADDO-EN: Infrastructure for the RF-Powered Computing Community." Additional support from NSF Grant EEC-1028725, Intel Corporation, and the Google Faculty Research Awards program.

Book with many wisp-related articles available now! "Wirelessly powered sensor networks and computational RFID."Publisher's webpage., Amazon.com product page.

WISP (Wireless Identification and Sensing Platform) is a sensing and computing device that is powered and read by off the shelf UHF RFID readers. WISPs have on board microcontrollers that can sample a variety of sensing devices, creating a wirelessly-networked, battery-less sensor device. WISPs have powered everything from analog light sensors to temperature sensors to strain gauges. The computing features of WISPs have also been used by RFID security researchers.

If you're interested in using WISPs, take a look at the WISP Challenge Website.

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